Camera buying

I’ve now definitely decided to buy a Canon D400. Of course, I’ve already been beaten in the camera buying stakes as my brother bought one as soon as he arrived (or at least that what it sounds like). I do however have one advantage – Chris from the office is keen on photography, and knows where to get the best deals on cameras. This involves checking a website – almost entirely in Cantonese save for camera names, and it then names the shops (in Cantonese) with the best prices. Obviously this depends on people keeping the information up to date on a regular basis. It’s a quick trip to Mong Kok via the MTR and a brisk walk round various camera shops checking their prices against the web list. So far none are matching the price listed (HK$4700). I would later take a trip back to Mong Kok on my own with a view to pricing cameras and it would take me about half an hour to find the first shop we went to. What seems simple at the time is in fact a bit of a mystery.

Another hurried MTR trip to Sham Shui Po (these names mean absolutely nothing to me, nor their geographic location at the moment), and we head towards a building that once inside contains lots of smaller shops/counters all selling camera equipment and computer equipment. Anything you’d want or need is for sale here it seems. This is the location specified on the web page for the lowest priced Canon D400. Obviously, I wouldn’t be able to figure this out myself as I can’t read nor speak Cantonese.

My camera comes in at HK$4680. My brother paid slightly more than that on Stanley Street in Central. The difference in price amounted to less than £10 which is pretty good – and suggests Stanley Street will be pretty competitive for any future purchases and won’t involve a crash course in Cantonese.

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