Hong Kong in a blur

So, having been introduced to my room it’s time to head out and see some of the city. I already had glimpses of highrises in the taxi ride from the airport to North Point, which is where my room is located in the city (on Hong Kong Island). Stepping outside you can feel the heat and humidity in the air, and the area where my building is seems to be kind of market-like so there are the sites, and unfortunately the smells, of a market. Note: these, fortunately, do not permeate to my room. It’s a short walk to the MTR station in North Point, and Chris seems to walk pretty quickly, which is good as I tend to walk at a brisk pace too. He does mention that people in Hong Kong tend to walk quickly… but obviously not in North Point if our walk to the MTR station was anything to judge by.

I’ll cover the MTR in more detail later, but the trip to Causeway Bay to find the company office is quick, easy, and even better, air conditioned. Causeway Bay is, I’m told, the main shopping area in Hong Kong and our company offices are in Times Square which is one of the largest/most prestigious shopping malls in the area. It doesn’t appear to be too difficult to find the office. Food is suggested at this point, and I must admit I’m pretty hungry – I’m not too sure what time it actually feels like though. I’m led to what I’d call the Hong Kong equivalent of a greasy spoon cafe, with all the signs, menus etc. in Cantonese. I’ll not be doing much ordering in here then. There are lots of options for food, although I turn down the offer of snake and in the end barbecued pork is ordered, with chicken, and goose. I’m also offered the choice of chicken and coconut soup, or pigeon and coconut soup. As there will be chicken already supplied I decide to be brave and opt for the pigeon. Chris orders chicken and coconut soup.

Everything kind of arrives at once. The pork is very fatty, but does taste great. The chicken with skin still on tastes greasy and is an off-putting yellow colour. The goose is unsurprisingly just greasy. None of these are particularly easy to manipulate with chopsticks. However, the soup must stand out as the real ‘highlight‘. It arrives in a white ceramic pot with a lid taped on with what looks like gaffer tape. Following Chris’s lead, I untape the lid, and have a peer in. It can only really be described as looking like someone has stuffed an entire pigeon into this pot, taped the top on, and then boiled the stuff. There is bits of bird everywhere. I’m almost convinced there’s feathers in there, but on closer examination it’s just dark meat. Now the quandary is, do you eat the bird in the soup? Try and poke around it? Not sure how that would work… Or lift bits of carcass out? It turns out you lift bits of carcass out and leave them on a sideplate and then just eat/drink the liquid portion of the soup. I’m very relieved.

The rest of the day is a bit of a blur but involves a tram to Central, a Star Ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui on Kowloon, a quick walk through Tsim Sha Tsui, and then a few drinks and dinner at a restaurant/bar which is one of many in a row along a concealed pavement type thing. I’m absolutely shattered by the time we’re finished.

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