Laundry Day

I arrived on the Saturday. I’ve basically travelled with about a week’s worth of clothes, so my first laundry day on Tuesday means there’s been about 2-3 days of clothes worn. The idea is simple – I have a large plastic bag filled with my clothes, I drop it off at reception and then it is returned with my clothes cleaned either later in the day or the next morning. This will cost from HK$22 upwards depending upon the weight of washing to be done. No idea if whites are done separately. If not, I’ll be returning to the UK with my whites looking as though I’ve spent a term at university again – where to save money (for beer) I would do a combined colour and white wash. Whites go a kind of grey colour in that sort of wash.

Getting a laundry bag is easy enough, and there’s not very much in the way of washing for the first load. The conversation with the ‘concierge’ is a little strange too. I’d assumed they would get quite a few English speaking guests and therefore would understand enough English for this sort of thing. I look to pass over my laundry bag and say ‘901’ and only get a quizzical look back. Again, I try to pass the laundry bag to him, which this time is taken, with another quizzical look at the bag. I try ‘901’ again, and this does seem to spur the guy into action writing the number down on a sheet of paper. Except he writes 201. Granted my accent can be strange sometimes, but 901 does not sound like 201. At this point he picks up the bag and waves it up and down a bit, smiles and laughingly says something about ‘light’. He’s not noted on the bag anywhere that this washing belongs to Room 901 though. I’m still getting the slightly mad smile and ‘light’ back at me. The weight limit for the lowest price I remember is about 7lbs. My washing will be substantially below that – because there’s no way I’m about to hand all my washing in the first go only to see it disappear or for the washing to take longer to reappear than promised.

The concierge is still finding amusement in the small amount of washing in my laundry bag though. I’m not sure, do I pay now, or pay when it is returned? He’s not asking for money, and I get the distinct impression our transaction has been completed. I leave the building having said ‘901’ once more with the concierge still smiling and laughing. Hopefully, I’ll see my washing tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Laundry Day”

  1. Stuart Says:

    Very funny… people in 201 will be thinking what the hell?

  2. The whole of UKB Says:

    Room 201 must be puzzled by what to do with a gimp suit…..

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