Serviced Apartment…

Fortunately I’m being met by a colleague, Chris, from the company’s Hong Kong office. He’s going to sort out a taxi to my serviced apartment which will be my home for the next 3 months and has offered to show me where the office is, where I’ll be working and how to get around the city generally. Of course, I have no idea what Chris looks like so meeting him in the airport arrivals will require phone calls and a bit of guesswork. It turns out I probably walked right past him – he spotted me courtesy of my carrying a Linux Format magazine. I know, incredibly sad to be reading a Linux magazine on the plane, but nothing else looked interesting in WH Smiths when I was leaving.

I’ll admit the prospect of a serviced apartment was pretty exciting – having the room cleaned, laundry done etc. It’s always the case though that reality rarely matches the dream. And so it is in this case also. Upon opening the door to the apartment, my first reaction was ‘God, it’s small’. I would say smaller than my living room at home. But yet somehow they’ve crammed a double bed in, the world’s smallest two seat sofa, and what is described as a kitchen area, but is in actual fact a sink, and a hotplate. Hiding in a cupboard is a fridge/freezer and a microwave. On a shelf – I’m not going to dignify it and call it a desk is a 14″ portable television. I miss my 32″ LCD tv already, although it would look ridiculous in this apartment/boxroom. There is a small bathroom area off to one side. And that’s it. That’s home for the next 3 months.

There’s no Internet connection as yet, but that will be sorted next week, and I’m told that laundry days are Tuesday and Friday and cost from HK$22 depending on the amount of laundry to be done. The wardrobe consists of a rail with coat-hanger, and for some reason a curtain that can be pulled around it. I suppose this will be convenient as I wouldn’t want my wardrobe on display for when I host all those dinner parties in my apartment/boxroom. There’s also a lack of plug sockets. 1 unused by the door and every other one is used. Clearly I’ll be buying a four-way extension as soon as possible. The apartment room will be cleaned every Tuesday and Friday as well. It’s not a disaster, it’s not a crappy hotel, and it is the largest room on the floor. The mind boggles at the thought of what the other rooms are like.

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