Slow walks and man bags

Back in the UK, I’d have the occasional game of pool with a friend to make for a different night out than the usual, down the pub and drink as much as possible. This was more down the pool hall, play pool, and drink as much as possible. The pool wasn’t really the important part of the evening – although, of course winning did allow for unspoken bragging rights the following day. What was apparent was the walk from the station to the pool venue – I’d walk at what I’d say is my usual pace, and my opponent would generally struggle to keep up. I’ve always walked quickly and have never seen the point in slowly walking anywhere – the walking part is entirely incidental to getting somewhere to do whatever it is you’re going somewhere to do. My friend also had, and has to do this day, the habit of always carrying a man bag; that is a bag for his general belongings. I’ve no idea what he could possibly require in the course of an evening that doesn’t fit into his pockets, added to which this bag has on occasions been left in the pub by mistake so it can’t possibly be that important.

I’ve now I think discovered where this slow walking and bag carrying requirement originated from… Hong Kong. It’s impossible to walk anywhere quickly here. You can walk quickly, but you’re still not going to get anywhere quickly. And the men here all seem to carry various types of effeminate looking man bags.  It won’t surprise you to learn that my slow walking, bag carrying pool opponent actually spent a few years living and working in Hong Kong. If I’m here for any length of time I’m going to have to be very careful not to pick up any of these strange habits (of which there are more I’ll write about at a later date).

One Response to “Slow walks and man bags”

  1. johniebg Says:

    Oh my god … does this now mean I am famous!

    You got a little bit tongue tied there in the middle with all those man bags … still not sure whether there is a ghost writer involved. You sound almost charasmatic … your not visiting any of those dodgy Thai bars are you?

    Great stuff.

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