Upon arriving in Hong Kong it did come as a bit of surprise that they have a Disneyland here. I wasn’t actually that interested in it to be honest having stayed at EuroDisney, as it was called then, many years ago. However, sometimes events conspire to just put you somewhere you didn’t expect to be. And so it turns out that on Friday 13th I’m giving (yet another) presentation. This time to about 140 people. Again, I’m the only English presentation. It’s obviously a small IT community in Hong Kong as I’m beginning to recognise a few faces now. Either that or my presentations are gaining a cult audience, which is unlikely. Today’s presentation is expected to last 50 minutes. Having had about 2-3 days to throw this together I’m not exactly confident, but my mood improves dramatically when we’re overruninng time, and it seems I might need to cut to about 30 minutes…

… 45 minutes later. Despite trying to cut my presentation down, it proved impossible. I’m still not convinced many people actually understand me, and had some people walk out (as did everyone else though), the usual pictures again which I’m getting used to. As ever, upon completion of a presentation I’m on a bit of a high and looking forward to a few beers to celebrate. If we rewind a couple of weeks… I was offered the option of a night in the Disneyland hotel and free park entry the next day for doing a presentation. I wasn’t about to say no. It turns out everyone else did say no, except one guy from the office wh, strangely, has brought his family along. This all seems to be going on the same company bill. Unfortunately, being Disney the options for alcohol are somewhat limited, added to which I’m here as the entertainment for my colleague’s 7 year old son (and obviously to help with his english…). After dinner I’m gasping for a beer and find the bar in the hotel. Completely empty. I’m not normally keen on empty bars, but tonight I’ll make an exception, for 2 beers.

Disneyland Hong Kong the following day. There’s only really one word to describe Disneyland Hong Kong – completely crap! Yes, that’s two words, but completely deserved in my opinion. It’s small and contains very few actual attractions. During what turned out to be a very long day, there is only Space Mountain as a proper ride. And once you’ve done that, there’s not much more fun to be had. Although the Buzz Lightyear laserquest style ride wasn’t very exciting, it was beaten for dullness by the Autopia ‘ride’. Autopia… the cars of the future (sponsored by Honda) looks like it should be go-karts. But, it’s slow, and you’re on a track, for one lap, and then you’re off towards to the exit. Which would be disappointing except it was so damn hot it was a relief to be scuttling towards the air conditioning.

Fortunately by 3pm we were ready to go, but not before I’d filled in a questionnaire about my wonderful experience of the day… Sometimes what is actually a jolly doesn’t turn out that way. Still, at least I can tick Disneyland off my list of Hong Kong attractions.

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