Saturday night

I won’t normally go for two posts in one sitting, but this kind of naturally follows on from the Disney experience. Having taken the MTR back ‘home’ I’d decided if I saw another Mickey Mouse silhouette I wouldn’t have been responsible for my actions. Am I the only person who finds Mickey Mouse quite creepy with that oversized head and nauseating smile? Anyway, got back from Disney without having killed someone and got a text message from a friend that he’d arranged a night out in Tsim Sha Tsui. Last time this had been arranged there turned out about to be about 20 people show up and a very late night ensued.

This time, I was once again, the first to turn up about 9:00pm and Dave had booked a table and seats for 10 people. By 10:00pm no-one else had turned up. I’d also found out that for some reason the toilet flushing plumbing in TST didn’t work, even though evrry other kind of plumbing did seem to. By 10:30pm one other girl had turned up – unfortunately neither Dave nor myself actually knew who she was. The barstaff were also getting antsy about moving us to a table right next to the toilets as we were hogging about 10 seats and the staff were less than convinced we’d get 10 people to turn up. From this point, the evening turns a little unusual…

I need to take toilet break, and as I’m washing my hands start chatting to the other guy in the toilets (normally I’d leave toilets out of the blog) – mention that the flushing isn’t working and that he has an accent. Turns out he’s Canadian has spotted us in the bar (as the only other non-Asian group) and then mentions he half owns the bar. Asks where we’re sitting and says he’ll sort out a round of drinks for us, which when we get back to our seats he duly does. Really unexpected and very welcome. And the bar staff stop hassling us to move to another table. Our new Canadian friend leaves and within about 5 minutes we’re shifted up to the bar to free up seats for a group of 4. Busy bar.

Having decided we’re not impressed, and unlikely to get more beer we go on the move for other bars, with Dave’s view being to see what we can get for free or at an extreme discount. Unfortunately, the best he manages is a few tubs of free peanuts in one bar which doesn’t really match up against a free round of drinks from a bar half owner. Moving on to a final bar for the evening we finish up with some cocktails listening to pretty bad dance music until all of sudden the bar goes quiet, and about 10-12 police are in the bar. Two of them go straight to the toilets and bring out whoever is hiding in there and the remainder start going round the bar… asking for ID. Of course, the only legal ID I have is my passport which is currently in the inside pocket of my suit jacket back home. The Chinese policeman look suitably unimpressed with my UK driving license as proof of ID. I’m asked for Hong Kong ID, and when I refuse to produce it am asked for my passport which again I have to refuse on. I’m told to always carry my passport from now on. Which of course I haven’t.

All in all a weird night. But at least I had plenty of beers for a post-presentation celebration.

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