Short post today… Played hockey for Valley mixed team last week on Tuesday. A truly marvellous 5-0 win for us, and I even managed to get on the scoresheet. This, as those who have played hockey with me, will verify is a pretty rare event and if my past scoring form is to be continued means I’m not due to score for a few years. The opposition were pretty poor, but we made hard work of the victory, our overall scoreline being bolstered by the fact that ladies goals count double, of which we had two. Our first goal can only qualify as dubious due to that fact that it was actually volleyed by a shin over the line. Opposition not particularly impressed.

I also stayed for some food and beers after the match which meant the trams back to North Point had stopped by the time I wanted to go home. This shouldn’t have been a problem as there is a regular flow of taxis, and without fail inside about 5 minutes one appears and I’m inside saying North Point to the driver as my destination. Unfortunately, this is met with a blank look, and some word spoken back at me. Even more unfortunately, I don’t have the note with my address written in Cantonese with me which means we spend about a minute of conversation talking to one another in a language the other can’t understand. Eventually, the driver says North Point back at me – or at least what I thought to be North Point – and I figure this is good we’re going to get home now. But, it’s soon obvious that this is just him repeating the two words I’m saying back to me and he doesn’t actually have a clue where I’m trying to get to. I decide to give up at this point.

As I mentioned, taxis are regularly pulling up here to pick up fares so I’m pretty confident of getting another taxi quite quickly. Except, of course, I’ve now created a taxi rank by having this taxi waiting for a fare none of the other taxis are stopping. After about 5 minutes of this I realise I’m going to have to trek up the road a bit so I can flag another one down. The next taxi does understand english and is able to drop me right outside my apartment block. Also agreed to play netball some night – no details as yet. Could be interesting as I’ve not played netball since school, and I doubt I’ll be any good at it…

3 Responses to “Score”

  1. Fergus Johnson Says:

    I’m sure you’ll be a natural at netball. Hope all is going well and speak to you soon.

    Blog still very amusing and looking forward to the next installment!


  2. johniebg Says:

    I concur. Having seen you run, netball might be your thing. Great post Mr Ervine. We all had business cards printed with our address on so we could fall into a taxi and hand one over.

    Of course the busines cards were also a big winner with the birds … not.

    Have a good one.

  3. Richard Says:

    Just say “Chun Yeung Gai” to the driver – always worked for me…

    (Yeah, just skimming through the back blog)

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