Quick post

Just a quick note, as much for myself, to mention I’ve tried some food thing that is giving the chicken’s feet a run for it’s money in the ‘not very pleasant to eat’ stakes. Today, lunch was at a wonton noodle shop. I ordered the beef and noodle. So far, nothing to worry about. One of the guys orders some ‘side dishes’ for the whole table, one of which is deep fried fish skin! Now, I’m not the biggest fan of seafood as I’m sure I’ve mentioned previously, and admittedly I had been out last night for a few beers. Even despite these factors, deep fried fish skin sounded revolting – and still does to be honest.

Sure enough when this dish arrives on the table, it’s as you’d expect. About six inches of fish skin that has been turned crispy by being dunked in a deep fat frier. On one side you can still make out the individual scales of the unfortunate fish whose skin this once was. I must admit, when this arrived I decided immediately I wasn’t trying it. Hangover, seafood, skin rather than actual meat… no way. Obviously though, the point of the post is that I did try it. Having come out here with the view that I will at least try stuff before deciding I don’t like it, I summoned up the willpower to give it a go. Although, I wasn’t going to eat a whole side of fish skin, I did get a piece maybe about one inch square.

The way to eat deep fried fish skin is to dunk it in your soup (of wonton noodles) let it soak a bit of it up and then go for it. Well… it was revolting. It obviously didn’t have the slightly slimy texture of skin having been deep fried, but you could tell it wasn’t the meat part of the fish. And as I chewed on this slightly more the taste of the frying oil and the saltiness of the skin came through. It’s pretty unpleasant just remembering the experience as I type it here… So, deep fried fish skin can be added my list of food I won’t be eating again.

Even the noodles weren’t great as they stuck to each other and it felt like I was choking as I was trying to find the ends of the bits of noodle I was trying to eat… All in all, not the best lunch experience in the world.

2 Responses to “Quick post”

  1. Paul Coletti Says:

    Get it doon ye ya dobber!

  2. henry Says:

    your photos are nice:)

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