Back to Hong Kong

The blog has obviously not been updated for some time. I’m pretty certain everyone reading knew I was off back to the UK for a few weeks to, in my words, shutdown my life over there. The reason for not updating the blog whilst there is either this is a Hong Kong based blog, or I was simply too lazy to bother updating it. Probably more of the latter than the former if I’m honest.

It was great to get to see so many people I wanted to before heading back here for the permanent move – I now feel like a proper expat. And all the doubts and nervousness I felt leading up to actual move have dissipated now – mainly replaced by feeling absolutely shattered as the jetlag has really kicked in. I think the worst time in the UK was just after moving out of my empty flat and realising I was homeless and at the point of no return.

I did try to sell some stuff on ebay to make emptying the flat easier – but with the time restraints imposed, and the hassle of clearing my flat, and getting in touch with various companies to get accounts settled meant I couldn’t devote enough time to do it properly. However, I did at least manage to offload my fridge. This is the fridge that was replaced by the fridge-freezer about 2 years ago that I’d never got round to selling. This transaction was how I imagined ebay working. A guy made a buy-it-now bid, and offered to collect that evening for cash. Dead easy. This was as good as it got sadly. No bids on the sofas. The 15″ LCD TV I was selling (about £30 I think), got little interest until about 3 hours left on the auction when some guy asked to see a picture of it working. Not helpful at all, as ebay will charge more for additional pictures, and meant I had to scramble around to set the thing up whilst I was trying to pack stuff away. Needless to say that remained unsold.

Some woman bid to buy my freezer using buy-it-now, and then remained uncontactable. So the freezer is now collecting dust along with lots of other items in my garage. Another guy asked if I would meet him halfway at Feltham for the music centre (£15). The advert clearly stated ‘Buyer Collects’. He was coming from east London apparently, although I can’t say I cared. Unfortunately I ended up meeting a different buyer ‘halfway’ at J10 of the M40 services and getting £25 for my trouble. Lesson learned from all of this is that selling stuff on ebay is a hassle if it’s not easily posted.

I had originally planned to ship quite a lot of stuff back to Hong Kong, but on arriving back in the UK realised this would be impractical for the following reasons:

  1. I have very little space in Hong Kong for stuff right now.
  2. Anything I ship across is likely going to have to be moved in Hong Kong when I get a more permanent place sorted.
  3. Stuff like that I can just buy in Hong Kong anyway.

In the end I packed more clothes to bring across in my hold luggage and got a computer from work to be shipped across. Nothing too bulky for troublesome moving in Hong Kong. It’s been great to get back, even with the humidity (which seems to have dropped a bit), the crowds (and the navigation on the pavements required), and the suspect air quality.

Plans ahead for the coming week are hockey practice tonight, watching some more of the rugby world cup (comment about Ireland’s performance so far visibly absent from this blog entry for the obvious reasons), meeting up with friends over here on Wednesday night, start looking around for properties (not something I’m particularly enthused about right now), and start looking into gym membership.

I shall also be back again in the UK over the Christmas/New Year period. Flights already booked to leave HK on 21st Dec (arriving UK 21st Dec in the evening), and fly out of UK on 4th January. Unfortunately, it seems the flight from HK arrives in Heathrow after the last flight to Belfast has left, so a night in Heathrow or one of it’s expensive hotels beckons. As previously mentioned it was great to be able to spend time with everyone back in the UK, and I’ll look forward to seeing everyone I can around the Christmas period as well.

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