Even more fitness and tech stuff

I’ve started so I’ll finish

Those who know me, know I’m really quite stubborn … Even so, I really had thought I’d finished with writing about my challenges with being a running geek. Honest! Hopefully this won’t be yet another lengthy whinge update.

The Watch and GPS

I’d already said that my Sony Smartwatch 3 had been updated to Android 5.1.1, and that the last few runs have been somewhat inaccurate with the GPS tracking. Another run was ‘performed’ (i.e. I shuffled round Happy Valley none to fast) on Thursday evening:


There’s a couple of arrow straight lines where the GPS has lost it’s signal only to reacquire it. And, it finally lost it’s lock at the ‘1.9 mile’ mark. Once again, another inaccurate GPS recording. I’d tried a suggestion of removing Android Wear from my phone, and resetting the watch. That didn’t work very well then.

For my next trick I’m going to be the retro-runner, and will be running with a sweat wristband. All very 1980s. Maybe some day-glo running gear would complete the look. Anyway, the reason for this is to wear the watch on top and try and reduce the (copious) amount of sweat that it gets in contact with. Watch this space, or not …

The earphones …

Having once again been refused the option to swap my broken earphones via postage, and had no helpful response from a couple of support requests to Jabra (admittedly, one was to the Jabra US support page), I have finally had a response … by using twitter [1]. I’ll hold my hand up here and admit I don’t like twitter. I really don’t see the point in it. I think it’s pretty pointless. I work in tech, and I know I should probably be more pro-twitter, but I just think it’s daft. I do have a twitter account (handle?) though.

Tweeting (ugh!) @We_Are_Jabra produced a really fast response. They’ve offered to put me in email (thank god) contact with a product manager to discuss the problems I’ve had. This is great for me personally, but I really don’t like ‘having to go public’ to get this kind of response. I work in a tech support role, so I do appreciate this kind of behaviour is pretty annoying, however it pretty much demonstrates that he who shouts loudest and most publicly gets a better response.

I’d already mentally given up on the Jabra earphones – asking for a refund that had been point blank refused. Looking around, the following caught my attention:

Sony B-Trainer
Bragi Dash
SMSAudio (although this uses the wire cable to provide power … not much use on my smartwatch)

There was another German product kickstarter project, but I now can’t find the site (not very memorable obviously). These all look very version 1.0, or prototype-y though, so I’m somewhat skeptical (or is it sceptical?) as to whether they’d survive the punishment. The Sony’s are tempting though – and available in Hong Kong.

Like an addict who knows no better, I’m probably going to give the Jabra’s ‘one last go’ given I have now contacted them directly.

A suggestion to go for Jaybird Bluebuds X was made – been there, done that, and knackered two pairs in quick succession. Oddly enough, in a similar fashion to the Jabras they stopped holding a charge too.

[1] The OH used twitter to contact the Hong Kong British Passport people last year over the fiasco we had getting The Son’s UK passport, and got a far better response than any calls or emails to the proper channels. Might be another future whingey post on that subject.


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