More running


Unfortunately, it’s more running without heart rate monitoring earphones, as the fifth pair have now failed. I make that just about 5 pairs failed inside 5 months. I am not going to warranty replace these ones – there is quite clearly a flaw and I don’t really see the point in continuing to trek out to Kwun Tong every couple of weeks.

I’ve passed this news onto the Jabra Director of Product Management, so we’ll see where we go with this …

It was hot last night – over 30C and it felt pretty humid too, so I changed my regular steady run into a kind of fartlek run, by pushing harder on the straights of the race track, and taking it easy round the bends. It was a convenient coincidence that most of the hilly parts are on the bends! 3 external and 1 internal lap was the distance – reasonably accurately tracked by the watch at about 3.5 miles.

Baby Monitoring

The IR camera and temperature monitoring Raspberry Pi in The Son’s room continues to work well – there were some minor issues with the monitoring code and the code that turns the air con unit on and off. I’ll happily hold my hand up here and admit I’m not much of a coder. to see it in all it’s ugliness.

There might still be a problem with the thermostat code that should run on a cron job – as on one (maybe two) occasions the Pi has had lots of cron scheduled jobs running and not exiting. This eventually causes the pi account to fail to complete commands – I’ve a suspicion this is the thermostat code going into an infinite loop, which is theoretically possible, as if the WiFi enabled plug socket doesn’t respond the code should keep pinging the adapter, and retrying the power command until it succeeds. The adapter should always respond eventually though. Maybe I’ll put in some logic where if it hasn’t responded after X number of attempts we give up on it – I’d probably also need a notification system though, so that I can be notified when this failure happens!


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