New earphones!

Yep – a new set of Jabra earphones turned up yesterday. As promised by Jabra, they’ve sent me a pair of Sport Coach earphones, which are supposedly the next development from the Sport Pulse ones I was previously using and breaking wearing out in rapid time. Unfortunately, this model of earphones do not have the heart rate monitor technology, but they are a nice set of bluetooth earphones, and come with some kind of integrated ‘training coach’ functionality. A lot of the marketing material pushes this at cross training types – i.e. not really me, but we’ll see how they go.

I had resurrected my old Polar chest strap heart rate monitor for a while. I’m not a huge fan of this, as during my lung busting exercise routines/gasping for breath jogs (delete as appropriate) it can feel restrictive. It probably isn’t at all restrictive, and it’s my lack of fitness/aerobic ability causing me to be gasping for air – but this was one of the main points of appeal of the Jabra pulse earphones. Anyway … it turns out that the Polar heart rate monitor doesn’t react well to being put through a washing cycle. Oops. I now have no heart rate monitoring.

I was excited to try out the new earphones, so went for a run this lunch time – the plan was to jog from Kowloon Park through Western Kowloon and then back the way I came back to the park. It was kind of successful. A few too many people – Hong Kong streets are definitely not jogger friendly – and the construction works round West Kowloon doesn’t help. I also took a wrong turn on my back and added some extra distance to the return trip, and as I wasn’t too sure of the exact route back, decided to stop running after finally getting away from the Elements shopping mall centre.

The nicest part was running round Western Kowloon – helped by following some other guy, who unfortunately was slightly quicker than me which was probably half the reason I took a wrong turn on the way back. Run details on Strava as usual. I’ve also resurrected my old phone to link to the Jabra earphones, so I have definitely stepped back a bit in terms of the amount of stuff I run with (now running with: a FitBit, a phone, the Sony Smartwatch, and the earphones). So, not really much progress there. It was very hot and humid for the run, so at least the earphones will have had a good stress test today.

Wee on the floor

In what is undoubtedly an echo from the future – Sunday morning had me cleaning up wee on the floor. The OH was changing The Son’s nappy, and had let him have a bit of wander – into the corner of his room by the change table, whereupon he’d decided to make a puddle on the floor. We’re (at least) a few months away from genuinely starting potty training, but this did strike me as the shape of things to come.

Baby Monitoring

The temperature/humidity and camera monitor continues to work – I decided to simply let the temperature and humidity reading/updating be called via a cron job once a minute rather than try to have a process that runs endlessly that needs to calculate when to run. I found there was a certain amount of drift no matter how I coded it – and I went for the easy solution. It also means that I don’t need to monitor whether the program is still running, as it simply runs once and then exits.

I also modified the code to check the WiFi plug is reachable to use arping instead of ping and it seems to be much more reliable now. Certainly, the thermostat functionality seems to ‘just work’. Fascinating stuff, eh?

That’s it for now!


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