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Off to Macau tomorrow

March 4, 2008

I’m off to Macau tomorrow. Two reasons for the trip really, number 1, I’m delivering another presentation excitingly about Linux in the Enterprise. No doubt this will be delivered to an entirely Chinese audience who I suspect will understand maybe 50% of what I say. I get the impression I get asked roped in to attend these events just purely to make an appearance as the gweilo who works for the company. Speaking to a few friends, this may actually be the case. This would also explain why I was asked to attend a presentation last Friday delivered by a partner company so that I could answer any questions that came up at the end. Another 2 hours of presentation to sit through entirely in Cantonese with no input at all required from me. It’s at times like these I feel most in a different country and culture.

The second reason for tripping to Macau is to leave Hong Kong and then re-enter on my updated work visa. This gives me the right to continue working here for the next year. It was a fairly straightforward process, just requiring proof from my company that I actually had a job. The only real complication was that my previous visa was only for 6 months, and the new one was looking for an additional two years. After phone calls with immigration, faxes, and letters sent back and forth I finally got my passport updated with the new visa… for one extra year. Something to look forward to doing again next year I guess.

The good news is the weather here is beginning to pick up and it’s feeling warm and sunny again. The winter here was considered to be very cold compared to recent years, but still nothing as cold as back in the UK. Coats and jackets can begun to be hung up until December or so with a bit of luck!

Rather not so good news is that it’s also that time of year to try and sort out tax. A job for some time next week to figure out what I need to do and so on… It should be similar, but less hassle, to the UK in that I’ll get to do another tax return. Can’t wait!